I'm Shirley!

I'm the one behind the camera photographing the moments that will steal your heart. I'm originally from New York City and married to the love of my life who is from Alabama! We couldn't be more different but it makes life interesting! haha. We have 3 amazing little ones that I literaly feel are growing up too fast! That is what drives my heart and passion for photography, the realization that this stage of life is so short, kids change so much and I want to remember it all!

I am a minimalist at heart and you will see this in my simple, elegant and timeless style that specifically focuses on your little one and family. As a mom I know how special it is to have the different seasons of life photographed even in the chaos! It is my goal to provide you with an experience where I handle everything. All you do Mama is show up and love on your family while I provide you with images that capture the love that binds your family together!

How did I become specialized in newborn photography?

When a well known newborn photographer in the area needed a newborn model I offered my son! Haha It was my first time in a newborn studio and it was pure magic to watch, I was hooked!  She needed an assistant and I offered!  I assisted her for 3 years and when she moved I couldn't imagine not working with babies and at the urging of my husband I started my own photography business!  I’m so grateful for that experience because it allowed me to learn from one of the best and realize I LOVE photographing families and babies!

If you have any questions please let’s chat.  I would love to create memories that will forever leave a smile on your face!