I'm a Mama of 3 with a big heart for serving busy Mama's like you, I am a minimalist at heart and you will see this in my simple, elegant and timeless style that specifically focuses on your little one and family.

About Our Sessions

We know your time is valuable and as a Mother we always tend to put others needs ahead of our own. On the day of a photoshoot you don't know what could happen, baby could have a blow out in the time you were planning to get ready or baby may need to feed etc etc leaving you feeling rushed to get ready. It is my goal to provide you with an experience where you are taken care of Mama, where all you have to do is show up and love on your family and don't feel rushed or stressed because I have taken care of everything for you! You don't have to worry about anything! I will provide you with hair and make up, wardrobe/ styling and tangible artwork along with your digitals.


Recommended between 28-34 weeks. Moms often regret not capturing this phase once it’s passed. Pregnancy may seem like a long unglamorous season but you will look back and realize how empowering and truly amazing it was. My Client Closet has many beautiful maternity dresses available for you to wear. Sessions can be held outdoors, or at the SBP Studio.


We welcome our littlest clients 2-3 weeks after birth. My style is simple, timeless and classic with minimal props and set ups, making baby the focus. I love using neutral tones and soft colors to produce a natural beautiful look that will stand the test of time. Dresses for mom, outfits, blankets, headbands etc for baby are all provided.


Every session is a family session with Shirley Bourne Photography. These sessions are fast paced, and full of games and activities that will keep your kiddos engaged. Capturing genuine smiles and your family in this season of life.


Baby sessions take place in our natural light in home studio. The first year goes by in a blink, and month to month your baby will develop new quirks to their personality and learn new things! I specialize in planning simplistic and timeless first-year sessions that capture all of these milestones, from three months up to their first birthday, allowing your baby and all the things you want to remember to be the focus!

Signature Sessions:

A luxury portrait experience perfect for maternity, newborn, baby or family. In our natural light in home studio on location in West Melbourne or at a location of choice.

What's Included:

In studio planning appointment with personalized styling

  • Use of client wardrobe collection
  • Hair and Make Up
  • Full Session in studio or on location
  • The editing and enhancing of your images (35-45 images)
  • In- Studio design and ordering appointment to choose your final artwork
  • Gallery wall installation at your home

Session Fee 250

*All artwork and digital images purchased separately.

The First Year Collective

Maternity - Newborn - 6 month - 1 Year

The most popular option for expectant parents wanting to document their babies first year of milestones. Members receive 3-4 SIGNATURE SESSIONS within an 18 month period, a savings on their session fees, 25 complimentary birth announcements + an album credit. 

3 Sessions l $550 ($600 Album Credit)

4 Sessions l $600 ($800 Album Credit)

Heirloom Artwork

In 50 years time, the most photographed generation in history will have no pictures, and I'm on a mission to change that. I believe that your family's legacy deserves SO much more than to collect dust on a hard drive.

Life is BUSY and because of that I want to help you bring your portraits to life, so they no longer live on a hard drive or phone but are actually hanging on your walls. I want your little ones to snuggle up in your lap and flip through your family albums together. 

Statement frames


Deluxe Frames

For the portraits that deserve a little extra special touch. These hand deckled prints are showcased in either a "mounted" or "matted" format.
20x24 | $1400
18x24 | $1100
12x18 | $700
8x12 | $500

Multiple Size Frames Available
1 / 1

Custom Framing


Signature Lite Frames

Designing a gallery wall to grow with your family, can be a daunting and time consuming task. We are here to turn your most treasured memories into beautiful, tangible artwork.
20X24 | $850
16X24 | $650
10X15 | $450
8X12 | $300

.Additional sizes available.
1 / 1



Heirloom Albums

Albums are a place for moments to be kept, bound together, for generations. Albums are handcrafted to stand the test of time with ultra thick, bend proof pages, archival paper.
$75 an image
20+ images completes an album can be built over several sessions

LITE Album available as well
1 / 1

Digital Files

Having a physical print makes your memories all the more meaningful. Physical prints are a profound way to remember, look back on, and cherish your family memories.


A Signature session's gallery is usually 45+ images.

With 2000 Artwork Purchase | FREE

With 1250 Artwork Purchase | 250

With 500 Artwork Purchase | 500

A LA CARTE | $800

Simplicity Sessions

A petite session to get updated portraits.

What's Included:

  • Twenty-minute session on select weeknights for up to 3.
  • Use of client wardrobe collection - select day of session
  • 20 images presented during your in studio ordering appt. to view images and make artwork selection.


*All artwork and digital images purchased separately.

Digital Files

Having a physical print makes your memories all the more meaningful. Physical prints are a profound way to remember, look back on, and cherish your family memories.


A Simplicity session's gallery is 20 images.

With 1000 Artwork Purchase | FREE

With 450 Artwork Purchase | 250

A LA CARTE | $400

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